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Need Mind Health?

Big word: Phosphatidylserine. Ever heard of it?

Yeah, me neither until Arbonne's incredible 'Mind Health' came out and I learned Phosphatidylserine plays an important role in keeping my mind healthy and memory sharp. I also learned that this P word decreases in my brain as I get older. EEEKKK!

Can I even be so bold and vulnerable to share I was skeptical and didn't use this product regularly... until recently. A dear friend I trust told me how much she loves it. Why? She said it helps her focus and not be so scattered. She shared that she can multi-task much more focused when she uses it regularly. I thought, "I totally need that!"

So... I do now. I've been using our Mind Health now, daily. Love it! I love the convenient little to-go packets. I love the taste. I love the results. Check it out. Holler if you have questions.

#mindhealth #memory #focus #brain #vegan #plantbased


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